Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At the end of civilisation

Videla Station (Chile)

Almirante Brown Antarctic Station (Argentina)

Every Antarctic station needs a doctor. In 1984, a ship arrived to exchange the crew of Almirante Brown Station. However, the ship did not bring a doctor - none was ready to go to this desolate place.

The doctor of the crew to be relieved did not want to stay for another year. So secretly at night, the ship departed with the old crew and left the doctor behind.

In his despair, the doctor set one of the buildings on fire to force the ship to return and take him along. However, the ship did not turn around. The doctor had to stay.

Port Lockroy (British Antarctic Trust)

in the pleasant company of penguins in the mist....

is a museum....

where a couple of people spend their six month long "summer" holidays

Writing beneath the British queen

Vernatzky Station (Ukraine)
Dreaming of palm trees in the ice....

The Ukrainian president and flag

and dreaming of some love... (the gym room)

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